Primo Maxi (OG Pre 2015) Hygiene Kit

Hygiene Kit Primo Maxi OG (Pre 2015)

Contains all food contact parts for the Primo Maxi OG Machine. Minimises machine down-time by replacing parts and cleaning elsewhere.


1 x Mixer Extractor – Black
1 x Mixer Housing – Black
1 x Mixer Base with Seals – Green
1 x Support – Steel
1 x Mixer impeller
1 x Outlet Bend 10mm
1 x Outlet Bend Mixer Housing
1 x Lid Splitter Outlet
1 x Splitter – Coffee Outlet
1 x Coffee Dispense Pipe – Silicone
1 x Instand Ingredient Pipe – Silicone
2 x Canister Chutes LH/RH
1 x Outlet Bridge




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