Hinge Plate

Hinge Plate

Secured to the Cup Station Moulding, onto which the pivoting Cup Stand is mounted.

Required with: PN:1023135  x2 M4 Starlock Washers and PN:1036014  x1 Pin Cup Platform

Required Extra Item
2 × M4 Starlock Washer Capped A2
M4 Starlock Washer Capped A2 Recommended with: PN: 1037058 Hinge Plate & PN:1036014 - Pin Cup Platform Assy.
1 × Pin Cup Platform Assembly
Pin - Cup Platform assembly Pin on which the Cup Platform in the Cup Station pivots on Recommended with: PN: 1023135 x2 M4 Starlock Washers & PN:1037058 Hinge Plate

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